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Westbourne Academy

Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

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Coming to Westbourne?

   We provide the scaffolding so that they can build their houses  

Joining a new school or moving from primary to secondary school is an exciting and significant event in the life of a child. It is something that many of us still remember. It is an important milestone which, for many parents and  teachers, marks a change in expectations regarding crucial life-skills such as independent working and self-organisation.  

When students start at Westbourne, they are expected to cope with a whole variety of new experiences and changes, many of which demand skills and abilities that they have not had to use before. The problem is that these skills will not develop overnight, like reading and writing they have to be taught and our children need support in developing them.

You may like to watch the video clip that was made during our most recent Open Evening which helps to capture some of the events of the evening and give you a flavour of life at Westbourne.




Amongst the top concerns that Year 6 students express are social concerns. Although common, most children report that they are no longer worried about these after just one or two weeks at school. The remaining worries are nearly all to do with the new organisational demands that they know will be placed upon them.  

If your child expresses these worries it is useful to tell them this, and to emphasis that everyone else will also be feeling anxious. As there will be many more children in Year7 than in Year 6  everyone has a good choice of friends and even children who move up with several children from their class tend to make new friends at secondary school. Talk to your child’s Year 6 teacher if these worries become great – they will be able to arrange for your child to meet some other students who will be starting and perhaps a ‘buddy’ for the first two or three weeks.

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