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Spain 2019 Trip (Y8)

You can follow the adventures of our Year 8 trip to Spain on the following app https://locatemytrip.uk/map/interval/login/2DFDF11F

Day 1 - Monday 17 June: It was a very early start as we boarded the coach to leave promptly at 2:30am. We were soon on our way to Heathrow with excitement mounting as we got nearer. Upon arrival at the airport, the excessive pre-trip briefing regarding exactly what constituted a liquid meant that, for the first time ever, there were no confiscated items! Check-in ran smoothly and there was soon time to have some breakfast in the departure lounge before boarding the 07:40am British Airways flight to Barcelona. The students behaved impeccably during the flight and, for many, it was their first time on a plane (though the cabin crew provided the teachers with free coffee, saying we looked like we needed it!). With security cleared and luggage collected we were soon on our way to the hotel. Having checked into the rooms, the students enjoyed a hearty buffet style lunch and it was then off to the pool to unwind (and to ensure they had a wash!). Students had some time to practise their Spanish skills in the local shop before another hearty meal in the hotel restaurant. We rounded off the day with a trip to the beach where Mr Arrow and Mr Hawkes became rather competitive over a game of football which appeared to follow ‘Mr Hawkes’ rules. Some chose a more relaxed time and paddled in the sea. After an early start, an early night seemed a good idea. The students have been absolutely fantastic today - polite, respectful and a real credit to the academy. 

Day 2 - Tuesday 18 June:  Another early(ish) start meant a rapid breakfast and a 45min journey to the water park. After a good nights’ sleep recovering from the long day yesterday, there was a ‘wave’ of excitement as we got on our way. Mr Arrow and Mr Hawkes led the way by going on the biggest slide in the park, named ‘Speed Furious’ and, as word got out that we had both survived there was a constant ‘ripple’ of willing water ride goers. The pupils enjoyed a bit of freedom in the morning and it’s fair to say they represented themselves and the academy really well. We all ‘pooled’ together for lunch about two o’clock and, with a quick ‘splash’ of sun cream, they were back on their way to enjoy a (river)ting afternoon amongst the rides. We then had the fun of another ‘dam’ coach journey going back to our hotel. The pupils had a short amount of time to get ready for dinner then we had to ‘chute’ down to the beach this evening to enjoy some team games with, no doubt, more slide tackles, before down time and bed.

Day 3 - Wednesday 19 June: A slightly more relaxed start to the day saw students again eating a hearty breakfast, with some rather odd combinations of food! The aim of the day was to explore the local area and find out what it had to offer for tourists. Students put themselves into groups to complete a series of challenges. 

Activity one saw Mr Hawkes challenge the groups to create a two minute video, advertising Malgrat de Mar as a tourist location. Each group was given 5 euros to buy props and had two hours to complete the challenge. Props purchased included a bulls’ head, a giant inflatable whale and lobster, a mini skateboard and then there was the group who spent all of the money on ice-cream. Students have until Thursday evening to edit the final version. Early indications are that we have some budding tour guides in the group.

It was then time for lunch with each group being given 20 euros. Some groups chose to spend the full 20 euros on Pringles with others opting for a more traditional lunch.

The afternoon saw students set off on challenge two - a treasure hunt, against the clock, for 20 different items or pieces of information, such as finding the colour of Spanish post boxes, taking photos of various things and finding out the names of roads and newspapers. 

In the evening, students were given the choice of more football on the beach or hitting the shops. Once again, the students have behaved impeccably and have been an absolute delight. Tomorrow we are off to Barcelona for a busy day of sightseeing!

Day 4 - Thursday 20 June 2019: Barcelona... Are you ready for us?  Yet again, the manic rush of waking up forty Year 8s, getting down to breakfast and onto a coach by 9am was upon us. But ,like the saying (sort of) goes, ‘the early Guadí catches the worm’.

As we embarked on a 2 hour journey towards Barcelona, the excitement grew.  We gave the pupils a ‘Nou’ experience as they had a tour of the home of FC Barcelona.  We visited the museum, saw endless trophies, the changing rooms, press area, match side seats and much more. 

After this amazing experience, we had a short journey to Poble Espanyol where the students not only got to experience an authentic Tapas lunch, but also managed to look around the streets that paid tribute to the different regions of Spain and the architecture that goes with it. From there we had a (long if you ask some, but actually only 20 minute) walk towards the once iconic Olympic Park that hosted the Olympics in 1992 and is now home to the football team Espanyol. We then jumped onto the coach to go and visit one of Guadí’s most famous sights. As we weaved through the busy city streets, we couldn’t help getting the ‘La Sagrada Familia’ feeling.  The 137 year project continues with a completion date of around 2026! For La Sagrada Familia, Mrs Leadbetter acted as tour guide and gave students the need to know information about the impressive, yet unfinished, building.

A scenic coach trip continued with commentary from Mrs Kerrison pointing out all the famous sites and this finished our time in Barcelona. 

The evening finished with a quiz to test who had been paying attention, with questions such as “who has eaten the most”, amongst others. There was also the “create a rap about the trip (not holiday!!)” and the shopping challenge to see who could buy the most typically Spanish items for 5 euros. Photos and a selection of videos are on the link.