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Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

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Update for Y6 Starting Sep'20

Emailed to parents of Y6 pupils 17/07/20

Fast Guide 2020 for Year 6 Pupils

We hope that your and your family both safe and well. Since the partial closure of the academy on Friday 20 March, this period of time has been challenging and uncertain for everyone in our community. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from parents and staff as we navigate through these difficult times.

As you know, the pandemic meant that we were unable to invite our new Year 7 students to spend two days at Westbourne this term. Instead we have created an exciting, digital flip document that you and your child can read at home. This guide contains everything that we feel you should know before the start of term on Thursday 3 September. 

Within the pages there are hyperlinks to more detailed information on our website and videos by our subject teams. Some of these videos have music and narration so please turn on your speakers. There is also a 360 degree Google tour of the academy buildings and on pages 12 -13 there are maps of the school showing the various subject areas. 

 Click on the image below to view our digital guide

Challenge Tasks for the Summer

At the foot of the map pages are videos by subject teams which explain what topics pupils will cover in key stage 3. At the end of each subject video there is a ‘challenge task’.  Please have a look through all the videos and pick at least one or two tasks to do over the summer holidays. Ordinarily on our transition days, pupils would be set a home learning task to complete before they start in September. We know it has been a difficult to balance supporting your child's education at home and all the other demands that parents face which is why there is no obligation to do the tasks but your child can do as many of them as they like.

Casio GCSE Calculators

Our uniform and equipment guide shows the Casio fx-991 Classwizz scientific calculator which is the latest model available.  We are aware that this is currently retailing on Amazon for around £20, which is a lot more expensive than older models of this type.  We have secured stocks of the Casio fx-83/fx-85 calculators which we sell in school for £5.  Parents of current Year 6 pupils will be able to purchase this calculator through their child’s School Money account when term begins.  Please do not worry if your child does not have a calculator for the first week of term.

Westbourne Wonder Challenge

Ms Abbott and our team of Teaching Assistants would like to invite Year 6 pupils to take part in the Westbourne Wonder Challenge.  This has a variety of different activities for your child to complete and each challenge has points available. See below for details of what to do and how to send it to us. Prizes will be awarded in September!

 Click on the text below to view the Wonder Challenge document

Westbourne Wonder Challenge

Meeting the Tutor

During the normal transition days your child would have the opportunity of meeting the tutors and children within their tutor group.  In light of recent government guidance, we are having to make some tweaks to our tutoring system and once we have finalised details we will provide you with the updated information.  Rest assured the student Houses and tie colours will remain the same.

First Day of Term

We are currently finalising a plan that appropriately balances safety for staff and students, in accordance with the current government guidance, with a high quality, purposeful educational offer for all our students.  We will contact to you again before September to make the finer details for our plans clearer.

We can confirm however that Year 7 students will start at Westbourne on Thursday 3 September, the first day of the new term.  We will be staggering the return of students in other year groups from the start of the following week so that by Thursday 10 September, all students in all years will be back at school for the autumn term.  Only new Year 7 students will be with us for the first two days to give them a chance to adjust, not only to their new school, but also to the impact that safety measures will have on them in a much bigger environment. 

School Photographers

Kittle Photography will be in school on Friday 4 September to photograph all Year 7 students in their full academy uniform and proof cards with order forms will be sent home before half term. They will be back later in the autumn term to photograph students and siblings in other year groups.

Message from the Principal

It is with both happiness and sadness that I communicate that I will no longer be the Principal of Westbourne Academy from September. I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the permanent Executive Principal role, with strategic oversight of Westbourne Academy and two other ATT academies located in Essex: Mark Hall Academy and Hathaway Academy.

Westbourne, its students, families and its staff have been one of the most productive and happy moments of my professional career. So, I am thrilled that I will continue to support its continued development, towards the beacon of excellence that it is becoming.

I am delighted that Mr Bouckley will become Acting Principal from September. It was always Mr Bouckley’s intention to fulfil his ambition to become a head teacher and I am pleased that he is willing to take the helm at our academy. Mr Bouckley has proved himself as Vice Principal, he now has the opportunity to prove himself again and I hope you will give him your full support as we move forwards.

Should you have any further questions over the summer, please feel free to email richard.hawkes@westbourne.attrust.org.uk. In the meantime, may we take this opportunity to wish you and your families a safe and restful summer and we look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students in September.

Please keep checking the NEWS pages on our website for future updates sent to parents by email.

Mr G Trott