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Y9 Medical Maverics

In relation to our BTEC PE qualification, today we welcomed the 'Medical Mavericks' in to deliver a 'Challenge the Champions' workshop. This event will show students how close they can get to a professional athlete in their trials.

The students have competed against each other and famous athletes in a series of sports science challenges that test their strength, endurance, speed and power. The challenges include: BATAK reaction wall, Power output on a watt bike, how far can you row in 30 seconds, Hexagon agility test, ball throwing speed, strength tests, jump height and distance.

They have had the opportunity to use 'The Accelerator'. As they race through the accelerator tunnel, they raced a series of lights on the floor next to them that light up at the speed of some of the greatest athletes in the world. Their 10 metre

sprint time is displayed on the giant leader board as they burst across the finish line, so they can see just how close (or far behind) they were from the best!

Photos from the day are available to view on our PARENT/GALLERIES page or be following the link below:

Y9 Medical Mavericks Gallery