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Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

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An Overview of Person, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Our PSHE curriculum challenges pupils to become creative, successful and happy individuals. 

By focusing on key strands, which include 'Health and Well-Being', 'Living in the Wider world' and 'Relationships', we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge they will need to face current and topical issues and that will allow them to respond with resilience to future change and challenge in their personal lives and the wider world.

Click on the following link to view a short presentation on the plan for teaching PSHE for 2018/19 (awaiting update for 2019/20):

PSHE in the Curriculum

PSHE lessons will follow the structure outlined in the links below. However, there will be times when it will be appropriate to revise this order in light of events affecting our students locally, or which are brought to light through the media and are deemed appropriate to be developed in greater detail.

In Year 7-9 pupils have a PSHE lesson once a fortnight.  The aim is to offer a broad curriculum to introduce the diverse strands of the course.    

In Year 10 pupils have a PSHE lesson once a week which includes a regular diet of careers and guidance opportunities to complement their studies and support progression. The structure of the year is shown over the page and incorporates each of the following strands:

  • Relationships
  • Risk
  • Managing finances
  • Careers
  • Business and enterprise
  • Personal identity
  • Democracy and Justice
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Environment

Year 11 have a bespoke curriculum offer where they will be withdrawn from specific lessons for focused sessions over the course of the year. These sessions will cover identified topics which we believe our students would find of benefit.

PSHE across the curriculum

PSHE has been mapped across all of the subjects covered at KS3. This helps identify areas where the discreet lessons need to focus on.

Monitoring Impact

  • Learning Walks to take place regularly to look at quality of delivery of PSHE
  • Review of quality and delivery to take place in first half of summer term


Our Schemes of Work (SOW)